Doula Services

Birth & Labour Doula

Whether you birth at home, a birthing center or hospital, you deserve to birth the way you want to while trusting your birth team. As a certified rights-informed Cornerstone doula, I believe in holding space for my clients during their labour and birth, and supporting them through each moment. Not only am I there for physical and emotional support, I will provide you with resources and information so you have an informed birth, armed with various comfort measures through labour. I am by your side until your baby is born.

Please contact me to schedule a cost-free, no obligation 30 minute initial consult, following which we can set a date to meet in person in order to determine if we are the right fit!

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Postpartum Doula

Care for the birthing person doesn't stop at birth. Birth is a marathon and no matter how your birth has taken place, every body needs support through healing and nourishment. I take a slightly traditional South East Asian approach with food and care, believing in the Chinese approach that all birthing people need time to heal in the first month postpartum, also known as the fourth trimester.

Asking and seeking help isn't a weakness, it is an acknowledgement of an acute need that should not be ignored. I am able to support you with newborn care, lactation challenges, light household duties, cooking and food prep, or even just holding the baby to sleep so you can get some sleep too!

We can discuss a customised a postpartum care plan with you, with a minimum of 8 visits and 4 hours in each visit.

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Birth Photography

There's nothing more momentous than the birth of your baby, and having the images to return to those moments can be powerful and transportive.

I follow the process of your labour and birth from initial stages through the first hours of your baby's life outside the womb. My goal is to document the powerful journey you and your family take, but most of all as a recollection for you of your birth journey.

As a doula, I understand the birth process and am able to provide a service that comes with the care and respect that you deserve.

Please call or email me for an initial cost-free, no obligation consult so you can determine if we are a good fit! Sliding scale options available.

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