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A Little More About Me

I'm a documentary-style birth photographer and a Cornerstone Birth & Labour and Postpartum Doula looking to deepen my practice, find my roots and surround myself with like minded birth workers. I believe in supporting birthing people of all backgrounds and the choices they make.


I am a mother of two and I moved from Singapore to the East Bay in 2013. My background is in video production and photography and I hope to use them to further expand birth work and provide birth photography as an art form to those who want to hold that memory forever.


My goal is to serve all birthing people from all backgrounds, especially those who identify with the LGBTQ+ community and BIPOC. I hope to create resources and spread information about births to those who need them. I am currently learning about traditional East Asian Postpartum practices and figuring out how to interpret them for today's world. I believe in a world that is culturally aware, progressive, holistic, sensitive and inclusive and hope my work contributes to that vision.

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