A little bit about me.

I am a birth doula, postpartum doula & birth photographer.

I love all things birth and believe in supporting birthing people of all genders & backgrounds with their choices for their baby and body. Going into birth work felt like a leap of faith in changing careers, but now it feels like my calling to support all birthing people. I love growing,  learning and connecting with people I meet.I enjoy using my art to tell stories for my clients. I am a mother of two and I moved from Singapore to the East Bay in 2013.


I am a Cornerstone trained birth and postpartum doula. Cornerstone has been pivotal in my journey as a birth worker, and I believe so deeply in their core values. I am currently serving on their Board as their

Event Planning Chair.

I worked in film and media for more than six years and was a video producer. I have practiced photography since I was a kid and then professionally. Since having children my focus has shifted to documentary style family photography.


Documentary-style birth and family photography.

Birth and postpartum doula services with an emphasis on Asian philosophies and traditions.

I believe in a world that is culturally aware, progressive, holistic, sensitive and inclusive and hope my work contributes to that vision.

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Currently accepting bookings for

May-June 2021

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